Current Programs
Peoria Sonoran Science Academy Fridays 12:30
Heritage School Saturdays 9am 
Renewed Life Church 9am

Project Summary
The Teen Leadership program is designed to help teens find their value by giving them opportunities to lead and the training needed to succeed. The teens learn classroom management, game management, coaching success, CPR training and other classes that use their skills as instructors, coaches, referees, and other roles that set them as leaders in the community.  Due to the on going effects of the pandemic, many middle school and high school students have trouble find themselves socially. Reliance on social media to relate with friends has caused unrealistic ideals. This leads to depression and obsession with both equating to social isolation. The program focuses on showing the teens the value of themselves and the power to control their future when they are given hope when given their options in a positive supporting way. 
Project Design 
 In exchange for their services supporting the basketball league, music program, 116 Avenue, and afterschool program which offers classes in art, crafts, games, and dance, which are offered free to the community kindergarten through middle school population, the teens receive training that is needed succeed in these roles as well as participation in the Knowledge about College and Professional Mentor programs. These programs introduce the teen to options they have and how to navigate these options such as college attendance or starting their own business. The teens organize art shows, music programs, website content, and basketball tournaments as well as teaching in these various fields in the guidance of our program. Through our classes, the teens learn classroom management, planning, presentation, and leadership success. Through this we hope to not just educate about opportunities but empower the teen with the tools needed to take advantage of the opportunities. The teens are also certified in Life Saving and CPR training which is done in house by Red Cross certified trainers as well as nutrition education to ensure and emphasize the health and well being of all our participants are a priority. At each practice and class held by members of our program, the participants can enjoy a healthy snack. 
Desired Outcome of Project Success 
Our current projection is looking to fill 100 roles in our program this year and hope to see 95% being offered by university and 80% receiving scholarships offers.  We would see anything under 95% high school graduation rate as an opportunity to improve. By giving training in so many valuable areas where the teen is learning skills that carry universally, we hope the teens become enthusiastic about their future opportunities and by creating leadership roles in the community that they are able to fill, they become role models with an opportunity to grow into the future leaders the community needs. 

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