Calling all curious minds and budding scientists! Get ready for a class that's as explosive as a volcano (but way cooler)!
Science Crafts is your chance to become a real-life scientist... with glitter! This class, for kids ages 7-11, is a one-of-a-kind adventure where you'll learn awesome science concepts by making epic crafts.
Think erupting volcanoes in different styles (because who wants boring?), dazzling crystals you can grow yourself, and even rock candy that's as delicious as it is scientific! Plus, you'll create sparkly ornaments, swirling vortexes, air cannons that blast, and even race balloon jets. It's like a science fair meets a craft party, all rolled into one!
This STEM-based class is all about learning through doing. We won't just talk about science, we'll experience it with awesome crafts that bring those cool concepts to life. So, if you're curious about the world around you and love to get creative, this is the class for you! Sign up today and get ready for a scientific crafting adventure you won't forget!
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